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Showing how a 5G function can upgrade mobile app user experience

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Aug 2019


The 5G Network Exposure Function (NEF) securely expose services and capabilities provided by the network. It enables apps to interact with data stream with APIs, thus benefits AI and analytics-based services.

How might NEF upgrade user experience of mobile apps? 

Let’s take Twitter app as an example!

1. Data Saving Mode

With NEF, apps can learn user’s remaining data in their pre-paid plan. If Twitter app detects that the user has few data left, it can actively suggest to turn on Data Saving Mode.


Top: I brainstormed features to include in this mode with the team and created user flows.

Right: To show how this mode is triggered and what its features are, I linked everything with a coherent flow and made an inVision prototype.

2. Better compression

With throughput taken into account, network-aware apps can apply suitable algorithms for compression, buffering, etc. when downloading or streaming media.

I communicate this by “simulating” and comparing the app’s compression ability with and without NEF.