I'm also a ...

📷 1 World traveler who carelessly presses the shutter buttons of her analog cameras
🎭 2 Super super shy actress and theater/modern dance lover 
💡 3 TEDx event organizer and designer 
🚧 4 Model maker
💫 5 Sci-fi/indie game enthusiast


Apart from design, travel is another way to help me explore the world and understand people.
To document it in physical existence, I've been keeping the hobby of snapping photos with films since high school. 

My first several pieces of equipment were some flimsy Lomo cameras. 
I have a collection of them, simply obsessed with their vintage looks and amazingly unpredictable results. 


I did not turn to "normal" cameras or learn to develop films until early 2017. 
I am a disloyal amateur. From times to times I have to digest all the expired films in my refrigerator. 
It's a pleasure to receive the grainy, no-filter-needed gifts from the analog world.


I have a passion for the theater. 
The Drama Troupe at Tsinghua University was one of my favorite communities. 


A make-up portrait for a role I acted. Photo Credit: Gaoshan Miao.


As a friend, then a co-director of Brand Operation, and now an alumna, I led/participated in the design and marketing for the day-to-day operation of TEDxTHU and its events of different scales from 2014 to 2017. For instance:

1. Brand & event design for "UNCOVERING," SP 2016  2. Brochure and pamphlet for å¾® "WEI," SP 2017  3. Brand for 新世界 "NEWHERE," FA 2017


I make models to show idea, and for fun.

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