Mingke Yu  MFA Design '20


MFA Design '20

a hybrid designer working at digital & physical spaces

a curious adventurer obsessed with the intriguing human mind and philosophy of technology

The world is my playground, where design is the magic that blends thinking and making.



With a focus on interaction design, I am currently pursuing a design MFA at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco.

I also hold a BS in Psychology and a second major’s degree (BFA) in Digital Entertainment Design at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

I am now working as a prototyping design intern at Ericsson in Santa Clara, CA, and also designing part-time for Hubbell Street Galleries at CCA. Previously, I interned at two tech companies in China.


I design for product/UX professionally. Yet in my practice, there is no restriction of the media to embody ideas or craft experiences.

Specifically, I'm fond of the realms of tangible interface, augmented reality, data visualization, and speculative design. 

I enjoy designing for everyday life, fine arts, indie games, and theater. 

I'm also a...

πŸ“· 1 World traveler who carelessly presses the shutter buttons of her analog cameras
🎭 2 Super super shy actress and theater/modern dance lover 
πŸ’‘ 3 TEDx event organizer and designer 
🚧 4 Model maker
πŸ’« 5 Sci-fi/indie game enthusiast

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