Spoon & Flora

A love story

#Wedding #WebDesign #VisualStorytelling

Aug - Oct 2020 / a collaboration with Yang Liu (Illustrator)

My Roles

Script writing, web design & development

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Illustrator Yang Liu and I designed and made an interactive storytelling website to share the love story of our friends—Siyi (Spoon, the bride) & Zhijun (the groom)—on their wedding day.


We selected key moments from their seven-year relationship and used retrospective dialogs between the couple to thread the plots. 

The story is told in six chapters. We assigned each part of memory a different color, corresponding to its theme and mood.

chapter 1

Meet for the first time

In the fall in 2013, Siyi and Zhijun went to the same college in Beijing, and got into the same group in the drama troupe. Their first impression of each other was… okay. The two sooned became best friends in college.


chapter 2

New Year

They celebrated the New Year's Eve together after other two friends stood them up. The local boy Zhijun showed Siyi around the places where he spent his teenage years.


chapter 3

Starry night

They got closer since then and texted and met regularly, though Siyi couldn't imagine they'd be together after the New Year's day. On a starry night, their relationship began.

chapter 4

Being together

They spent days and nights through the four seasons, changing each other in big and small ways. They coped with half a year in long distance and moved in together in the last year in college.

chapter 5


After graduation, Siyi went to the United States for a year and came back to Shanghai for work. Meanwhile, Zhijun graduated and went to San Diego. One day, she found him didn't tell her that he would perform in a play when he should be searching for a job. After a week of argument, Siyi secretly flew across the ocean to watch the play and reconciled with Zhijun.

chapter 6

The decision

The two got reunited and both had their careers started. In early 2020, when the pandemic isolated people from families and friends, they made the big decision after being together for seven years.

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